Wild Mushroom Brunch

This is a super easy, ridiculously tasty and really fast recipe to start you off on your wild food adventure. You need fresh wild mushrooms (I used pine rings (Lactarius delicious) for this recipe) that have been cleaned properly – old bits cut off with a knife and the sand brushed off with a big paintbrush or pastry brush. In winter we have a huge array of wild greens to choose from including wild wood sorrel (Oxalis spp) veldkool buds and leaves (Trachyandra sp) nettles, wild spinach (Chenopodium sp) dune spinach (Tetragonia decumbens) to name a few.


1 punnet of wild mushrooms

1 handful of wild greens

1 sprig of wild garlic

2 cloves of garlic

2 tbs butter

4 free range eggs

salt and pepper to season

Oxalis flowers and leaves to garnish


Put the butter and both types of garlic in a pan over a medium heat and stir till braised. Add the mushrooms and let it cook for about 8 minutes – wild mushrooms need to cook a little longer than regular ones, just to really get all the flavours coming out. Add the chopped wild greens and stir for another minute or two. Make four indents in the veg with a spoon and crack the four eggs into each of them and season. Put a lid on the pan and take off the heat. Make a pot of tea and set the table. The eggs should now be perfectly cooked. Plate up and garnish with the Oxalis flowers and leaves.