Upcoming Events 2019



Join us for some wildly delicious workshops this season! We will be offering up some immersive and educational nature inspired workshops in and around the Veld and Sea cabin this season. Please scroll down to view our exciting upcoming experiences.



Sunday the 10th of November 10am – 3pm BOOK TICKETS

Sunday the 24th of November 10am – 3pm BOOK TICKETS

Based on her research on the diet of early humans in the Cape, Elzanne Singels has developed this workshop to enable modern humans (you) to experience a day in the life of our early ancestors. A guided walk, forage, cooking and stone tool production exercise will show participants how early humans not only survived in the Cape, but thrived, where the special plants and animals of this mega diverse region shaped what our species came to be.


The day will begin with a brief presentation of the recent evidence of early human evolution in the Cape and how we understand they survived from the resources they could hunt and gather. This presentation will include a brief showcase of the important stone tools these people used.


Then we will put this newly learnt information to the test, we will have a short walk and gather food with stone age equipment, after which we will return to the Veld and Sea cabin to cook and process this food using stone age methods.


At the cabin the main activities will be to process the Watsonia corms into food and glue, which will be accompanied with drinks for those that are thirsty Fynbos Martini and G&T: Fynbos infused vermouth and gin drink will be served Non-alcoholic options: Honeybush Iced Tea and Kombucha. With the fires already going, the Watsonia will be roasted for half an hour, after which we will process them by removing the husks and expressing as much glue from the corms as we can. This will be set aside. The corms will be ground into a paste and set aside for the mash that will be served with mains.


The lunch will consist of a stone age meal with some modern additions to be cooked and enjoyed around the fire, followed by the last and much anticipated activity of the day: Composite stone tool production session.


The glue will be used to produce the composite tools that everyone gets to take home. With the digging stick that everyone was given at the start of the workshop, each participant will attach a stone flake to the tip of the stick with the Watsonia glue and place next to the fire to roast. This process will be repeated many times until the haft is secure. Everyone can check and reapply their own stone tool before it is time to go home.

What participants will need to bring:
Hiking gear – proper shoes, hat, sunscreen, water bottle


What participants will be provided with:
Booklet for the event which will include basic info on stone age hunter-gatherer life in the Cape and the menu. Digging stick, that will later act as a haft for production of composite stone tool, where they will be provided with stone flake to glue onto the stick. They will take home the spear. Food and drink.

What you will gain from the workshop:

  • Understanding of what a day in the stone age life would have been like
  • Learn how profoundly important fynbos was in our species evolution
  • Learn how exactly the plants and animals of the Cape shaped what we are today
  • How stone tools were produced and used
  • How early humans cooked (without pots and pans)
  • What the real paleo-diet consisted off

Cost: R850 per person


FERMENTING SWEET Sunday the 17th of November 11am – 3pm INFO AND TICKETS

It can take years of fermenting almost everything to understand the fundamentals of lacto-fermentation, yeast fermentation, symbiotic fermentation and acetic fermentation. What even do all these terms mean? Fermentation is all about creating suitable environmental conditions and working with time, microbiota – fungi, yeasts and bacteria – to create and transform foods from fruits, vegetables, grains, meats, dairy, insects, seaweeds and others. A great lesson in humility and authenticity, our work in fermentation is always all about community, through a multi-species exploration.

In “Fermenting SWEET” we explore wild beverages such as kompot, ginger bugs and sweet potato fly, condiments like ketchup, mustard and chutney and a beginners guide to shrubs!

This workshop is led by Zayaan Khan, you can read her bio on our teachers page HERE


Saturday the 23rd of November 10am – 3pm BOOK TICKETS

Taught by botanical textile artist Ira Bekker, this Introduction to Eco Printing Workshop is a fun and magical journey into an unfamiliar place, where you will be led to discover how the plants around us blossom into the space of creation and become our co-creators – showing us a sprinkling of the magic they hold. Our fynbos region has a particularly distinctive point of exploration, as each plant seems to have it’s own colour signature and texture. Even when some of the more hardy fynbos species do not contain colour – they offer up beautifully fine ‘resist prints’.

WHAT TO EXPECT:After an introductory and informative talk, we will head out for a mindful and meditative walk to forage small pieces of plants from nature, which will be rolled up into our first small bundles to test the plants in the area. Following this we will explore two different processes for extracting plant pigments onto fabric: Steaming and Boiling.These two eco-printing methods give very different results, and it is a spectacular experience to untie, unfold and discover what unique patterns and colours lie in each beautiful creation.

Light coloured natural fabrics and/or clothing (each person will get to do two pieces)
A small selection of fresh plants to share (While not all plants print, Ira suggests fynbos, eucalyptus, rose, bottlebrush flowers and geraniums. All plants are worth testing and experimenting with, so bring what you have!)
Pen and paper for taking down notes,
Gloves and apron optional

Herbal tea and cake, plus a floral inspired lunch meal cooked up by the Veld and Sea team.
Two of your own unique eco prints to take home that you will create on the day.

An introduction to the basics of eco-printing. A deeper first hand experience of alternative ways in which plants can be co-creators and how we can become inspired by our natural environment. A mindful and holistic outlook on natural plant dyes. An eco friendly awareness to the re-invention of fabrics in our spaces, utilizing natural plant dyes with conscious consumerism and upcycling fabrics and fashion in mind. Through this informative and interactive workshop, participants will leave with the confidence to continue this creative practice at home.

PRICE: R880 per person.

VENUE: The Veld and Sea cabin at the Good Hope Gardens Nursery in Cape Point, Cape Town.


Sunday the 8th of December 11am – 3pm BOOK TICKETS

Join Caitlin Hill, brand ambassador for The Botanist Gin and wild food forager Roushanna Gray on this exciting wild alchemy, botanical and floral food filled day.

We will start with a foraging master-class in the Veld and Sea classroom, followed by a walk where we will gather wild herbs and edible flowers to be used in the drinks. You will learn the basics of cocktail making – the ingredients, techniques and equipment plus a special introduction to gin as well as how to make two classic gin based cocktails. Discover the world of tincture making and create your own bitters and infusions.

A light floral inspired lunch, cocktails and refreshments will be served. Leave with a herbal bouquet and your very own wild booze creations.

Venue: Veld and Sea Glasshouse, Cape Point

Cost: R700 per person.


Tuesday the 12th of Nov 8.30am – 12.30pm BOOK TICKETS

Wednesday the 27th of Nov 9am – 1pm BOOK TICKETS

Thursday the 12th of Dec 9am – 1pm BOOK TICKETS

Saturday the 14th of Dec 10am – 2pm FULLY BOOKED

Saturday the 11th of Jan 9am – 1pm BOOK TICKETS

Saturday the 25th of Jan 9.30am – 1.30pm BOOK TICKETS

Sunday the 9th of Feb 9am – 1pm BOOK TICKETS

Sunday the 23rd of Feb 9am – 1pm BOOK TICKETS

This workshop will introduce you to some of our local edible seaweed, explore the magical world of rock pools, meet like minded people, learn how to sustainably harvest and prepare your macro-algae and shellfish, make various recipes together that will end in a feast.

We will start off the day meeting at the beach, and after an intro on the rocks we will make our way down around the tidal pools where we will forage for edible seaweeds and mussels. This beautiful coastline is abundant with food, but as we always forage sustainably we will be focusing only on the seaweed that is prolific in the area and the invasive mussel species, stressing how to treat the wildlife with respect.

After our morning on the rocks, we will head to the Veld and Sea classroom in Cape Point (a 5km drive from the beach) with our foraged food to prepare and create an outdoor lunch banquet.


This half day course includes wild food snacks and drinks, a delicious three course lunch based on ingredients foraged and prepared by the group. Notes include intro, identification, recipes and tide charts.


Beach gear, slip-slops or booties, your mollusk permit (essential – available at your nearest post office), cameras, water bottle, a sense of humour and an appetite! Also please bring your drink of choice for yourself to enjoy with the meal (beer, juice, spring water, wine etc whatever you prefer)


Collect seaweed to take home and preserve in methods learned on the day.


R700 p/person. Children under 17yrs R400. Children under 2yrs free.


50% Cancellation fee. Non refundable within 72 hours of event.


4/5 hours


Beach + the Veld and Sea Classroom in Cape Point


Yes. With the exception for our two shellfish dishes, all dishes are vegetarian. All food intolerances can be catered for, if you notify us well in advance.


Only in Cape Town for a short time and don’t see any dates that suit your schedule or looking to book a special wild flavoured experience, forage or feast for your friends, a celebration or team build?

Email veldandsea@gmail.com for info on our various experience offerings, descriptions, rates and availability, or take look HERE for private experience package offerings.


PLEASE NOTE: Private bookings are advised to be made at least one to two months prior to your requested date.