Mushroom Foraging


The soil is moist, the days are cool, the rain has fallen.

Its time for mushrooming in the forest.

 The atmosphere in the forest is calm and clear and fresh. Under the pine needle mulch, the earth teems with life. Its time for mushroom hunting.

Led by Justin Williams, a very keen and experienced mushroom hunter, among other delectable edible species we hope to find the romantically common named saffron milk cap/pine rings or the scientifically named Lactarius deliciosus. The Latin name says it all.

But conditions have to be perfect.

Mushroom foraging takes place over a small window period in late autumn and again in late winter, but rainfall and weather conditions play a huge roll to availability of mushroom abundance.

To join the waiting list and be called upon to join the hunt when the time is right, please email

R450 per person, refreshments, notes and recipes included.