There is flavour, food and medicine all around us, we just have to learn how to recognize it.

Veld and Sea offers seasonal and sustainable foraging classes, workshops and collaborative events for public and private groups, educational school tours, corporate team builds, tour groups, hen and stag parties, wild flavour consultations, public talks, presentations and travelling foraging tours.





Wild Flavour Classes, Fynbos Foraging, Coastal Foraging

Founder of Veld and Sea, Roushanna Gray is a wild food innovator and avid forager. Teaching adults and children about indigenous edible foods and caters for pop-up events. Inspired by the local edible indigenous plant availability, she has been experimenting with the exciting flavours and diversity of Fynbos and Indigenous plants for the past nine years. The wide range of  delicious and nutritious culinary offerings from the beautiful inter-tidal rock pools along our coastline also play a major role in her cooking and courses. 


Gael Gray



Fynbos Foraging

Co-founder and owner of Good Hope Gardens Nursery. Gael is a wealth of indigenous plant knowledge and has done ground breaking work in introducing previously unused indigenous species into the horticultural trade.
Her clients include Kirstenbosch and South African National Parks to whom she supplies indigenous water wise plants, she offers private garden consultations as well as growing edible and medicinal wild herbs for the food and drink industry.




Marine ecologist, Coastal Forager, Yoga Teacher, Surf Instructor

Erika is our resident marine ecologist and lover of all things seaweed! She has a natural passion for marine environments having spent most of her free time in childhood on or in the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries. As a young adult her interests lead her to coastal upwelling environments in Northern California and Alaska where she studied and worked with oceanographers, wildlife and marine biologists. It was during this time that her interest in marine micro- organisms and large scale oceanographic processes was piqued and prompted her MSc. work in Southern Ocean phytoplankton ecology and carbon sequestration at the University of Cape Town and the Southern Ocean Carbon and Climate Observatory. A permanent resident of South Africa, her current marine consulting work at Anchor Environmental is a composite of marine mapping and spatial planning, invertebrate taxonomy, quantitative data analysis and scientific writing to guide marine conservation and more sustainable coastal and offshore economic development in southern Africa. Even more recently she has combined forces with Veld and Sea, eating her long-loved subject and developing sea-weed based products for well-being. She has built her life around the sea and all of the treasures it holds and looks forward to sharing that with you!


Justin Williams bio pic



Mushroom Foraging

Justin Williams is an intrepid mushroom forager who guides Veld and Sea classes during mushroom season in Cape Town. His love for fungi and approach is infectious, teaching guests about how to safely identify and harvest wild mushrooms in a fun and educational way. Having been foraging since a child, Justin has trekked around the country in search of the tastiest mushrooms from the wild. 


Safia Tucker



Leathercraft Workshops

During her Fine Art studies at UCT, Safia needed a sturdy leather bag for her books. After an unsuccessful hunt for the right bag, she decided to venture into leather craft to make her own bag. She fell in love with the material, and after graduating, her passion for leather craft slowly turned into a business. Safia started out working from a converted garage where she also lived at the time. Her business currently employs 7 staff members, and her products are exported to various countries over three continents.