Who we are, what we do and why we do it.

There is flavour, food and medicine all around us, we just have to learn how to recognize it.

Join us tracking the edible landscape through the seasons with educational,  immersive and wildly delicious experiences and nature inspired events.

Based at the Good Hope Gardens Nursery in Cape Point, Veld and Sea offers seasonal and sustainable foraging classes, workshops and collaborative events for public and private groups, wild flavour cooking classes, corporate events and team builds, tour groups, wild flavour consultations, public talks, presentations and travelling foraging workshops.

Roushanna Gray founded this experience-based business in 2013. We are a positive, innovative, nature inspired team, committed to creating and providing nurturing and fulfilling experiences that are adventurous, engaging, educational and delicious.

On all of our seasonal wild food foraging workshops, we support and strive to teach sustainable, responsible and legal foraging practices.

As well as our wild flavour experience offerings, outside teachers that are experts in their field are hand selected to lead our specialized workshops including Wild Beauty, Fermentation, Wildcrafting, Botanical Art, Botanical Cocktails, Mushroom Foraging, Medicinal Plants and Botanical Embroidery.

Founder / Forager

Roushanna GraySRS_4430

Founder of Veld and Sea, Roushanna Gray is a wild food innovator and avid forager. She teaches about indigenous edible foods through immersive experiences, connection and creativity. Inspired by the local edible indigenous plant availability, she has been experimenting with the exciting flavours and diversity of Fynbos and indigenous plants for over ten years. The wide range of  delicious and nutritious culinary offerings from the beautiful inter-tidal rock pools along our coastline also play a major role in her cooking, classes and workshops. In 2019 she won the Spier Sustainability award at the Food XX and Eatout awards for her efforts to highlight South Africa’s local edible plant culture and to educate people on foraging as well as the Most Authentic African Experience award  for recognition of excellence in the hospitality division by the Cape Town Experience Awards

Chef / Facilitator

Gemma HancockDSCF9655

Gemma is the head chef at Veld and Sea and has always loved working with food. From a young age she explored the coastlines as a child with her family, collecting ingredients along the way, foraging comes naturally to her. Having studied events management shortly out of high school, she started her hospitality career as a villa manager and events coordinator for exclusive catering companies. In 2015, she decided to further her skills and started working on super yachts as a chef. This solidified her passion for making food. In 2016 she returned to Cape Town to get her chef diploma at South African Chef’s Academy. She did her internship at The Mount Nelson Hotel and Good-looking Cooking. For the last 5 years she has been chasing the summers working in-between the yachts and working on creative projects back home. Gemma started facilitating and cooking at Veld and Sea in 2018 where she is able to culminate her joy of teaching by sharing her knowledge and excitement through educating and experiences with seasonal and wild ingredients.

“No one will protect what they don't care about; and no one will care about what they have never experienced”― David Attenborough



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Tai Chesselet ~

“Veld and Sea are THE real authentic foraging experience. Their venue is so beautifully and effortlessly curated, the foraging (we did it in pouring rain) is such a learning experience and a true reflection of how we can harmoniously eat… the deliciosity of the meal we produced under their care, was so unique and scrumptious, a totally one off experience. If you are a local, please go and support them throughout the year, if you are a tourist GO.. you will never experience raw nature turns into a delicious multi-faceted experience like this anywhere else.”

Lauren Kotze ~

“Driving to Veld and Sea on Saturday, I was feeling really anxious that my sister and I had put all our trust into people we’d never met before to create a wonderful and memorable birthday for our mom. The description of the day sounded magical on the website, but you never really know what you’re going to find in reality. But from the moment we arrived, we knew we had made the right choice. It was a beautiful experience from start to finish, all gently and expertly guided by Roushanna and her team, Erica and Ryan. The venue, the food, the music, the mind-blowingly amazing smelling herbs, the gorgeous flower garlands, the whole experience…it was wonderful! We couldn’t have hoped for more. Roushanna, the passion and love for what you do is tangible. Thank you for sharing your world with us for one day. Thank you for going above and beyond for us, and making our mom’s birthday such a special one. We truly appreciate it! The message from my mom: “A huge thank you for the most unbelievable birthday experience, gift and treat today. It surpassed any thing I could ever imagine. It will be etched in my memory as one very happy, creative birthday celebration. A truly spectacular day.”

Tracy Leigh Rauch ~

“Loved every moment and morsel spent with Veld and Sea Mermaids. If you want to experience a deep and lasting connection to earth and ocean go and meet these beautiful women. They are inspiring and so willing to share their precious knowledge, which we so need. Thank you for an incredible day.”

Dave Meinert ~

“Hands down one of the best things I have ever done in Cape Town, after living most of my life here and constantly on the search for amazing things to do that celebrate what the Cape has to offer.”

Susan McLeary ~

“A magical, inspiring, rejuvenating celebration of nature! An experience that will stay with me forever.”

Charisse Louw ~

“Thank you Roushanna for bringing your creative magic and beauty to everything and everyone you touch. This is an extraordinary gift!”

Petra Joell ~

“If you are looking for something both educational and tasty.. then what better than learning about sustainable foraging!? I have had the pleasure of experiencing Roushanna’s classes.. and I must say..just one word: INCREDIBLE!

11. Gabrielle Holmes

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Wildfood Land Foraging and Cultivated wild herb supplier

Co-founder and owner of Good Hope Gardens Nursery. Gael is a wealth of indigenous plant knowledge and has done ground breaking work in introducing previously unused indigenous species into the horticultural trade.
Her clients include Kirstenbosch and South African National Parks to whom she supplies indigenous water wise plants, she offers private garden consultations as well as growing edible and medicinal wild herbs for the food and drink industry

Gabrielle Holmes

Events and food photographer, visual storyteller

Gabrielle grew up in Cape Town and works in the photography stills industry. From a young age, she has been fascinated with the idea of simpler living and being self sustainable. Much of her childhood was spent exploring the veld, searching for rock paintings and fossils in the mountains of the Klein Karoo with her parents, which furthered her interest in alternative ways of preserving our natural world and more specifically, looking at simple and sustainable ways of how the everyday individual can contribute to restoring and preserving our indigenous landscape. In 2015 Gabrielle attended her first Fynbos Foraging Workshop at Veld and Sea, which was the beginning of many wildly delicious photographic collaborations with Veld and Sea.


Fermentation Workshops

Zayaan Khan is from Cape Town and works in understanding nuances within food systems by navigating land from an interdisciplinary perspective. Firmly rooted in a socio-political context, she works at unhinging our dependence on neoliberal consumption. Currently she is interested in Food through the lens of Art, specifically to find ways to share stories, both of struggle and solution and how this influences self-care. This embeds itself in indigenous food revival and is expressed from jars of food preserves to lino prints, botanical pressings and ceramics. Zayaan is completing a Masters within the Environmental Humanities at the University of Cape Town, her research entitled, “From seed-as-object to seed-as-relation”.


Collage Art Workshops

Sitaara Stodel is a Technical Photography Officer at the Michaelis School of Fine Art. Since graduating in 2014 she has taken part in a number of group shows, had a solo booth at the Cape Town Art Fair and most recently was part of an art event in Mauritius. She uses collage, video, photography and installation to explore her concept of home and identity.

Elzanne Singels

Stone Age Foraging Workshops

Elzanne Singels is a Botanist and Archaeologist. She is an indigenous edible plant specialist and environmental consultant and is currently completing her PhD research on edible plants foraged by hunter-gatherers in the Stone Age in the Department of Archaeology at the University of Cape Town. Additionally, she is acting as a plant conservation and restoration horticulture consultant for various projects aiming to restore Cape Lowland habitats in Cape Town and is developing projects in Africa to sustainably farm indigenous edible and useful plants using regenerative agricultural practices.


Mushroom Foraging, Mushroom Workshops

Peter Herrmann, mycophile and entrepreneur started his journey with mushrooms in 2016 when he co-founded Harmonic Mycology with his good friend Andrew Reid. Harmonic Mycology is a co-operative of DIY mycologists, driven by the desire the share the profound benefits and talents of the creatures known as fungi.
Peter’s main contribution is the growth of Harmonic Mycology as a business and the advancement of societal knowledge and the use of fungi as food and medicine. Foraging, mushroom cultivation and the sale of top quality medicinal mushroom supplements is how he spends most of his time engaging with fungi. He sees mushrooms and fungi as intelligent medicine for the people of the 21st century and is particularly interested in their potential for environmental healing and as sustainable sources of textiles and building materials.


Coastal Foraging

Erika has a natural passion for marine environments having spent most of her free time in childhood on or in the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries. As a young adult her interests lead her to coastal upwelling environments in Northern California and Alaska where she studied and worked with oceanographers, wildlife and marine biologists. It was during this time that her interest in marine micro- organisms and large scale oceanographic processes was piqued and prompted her MSc. work in Southern Ocean phytoplankton ecology and carbon sequestration at the University of Cape Town and the Southern Ocean Carbon and Climate Observatory. A permanent resident of South Africa, her current marine consulting work at Anchor Environmental is a composite of marine mapping and spatial planning, invertebrate taxonomy, quantitative data analysis and scientific writing to guide marine conservation and more sustainable coastal and offshore economic development in southern Africa. Even more recently she has joined forces with Veld and Sea, acting as a coastal forage guide.


Botanical Cocktail Workshops

Caitlin studied fashion design but wasn’t inspired by a career in fashion, and found herself taking a cocktail waitress position at Orphanage Cocktail Emporium. She fell in love with all things cocktails and spirits, and started developing cocktails and experiences for competitions and events. She then left the nest to run Mother’s Ruin Gin Bar, breathing all things gin, which led her to her current position as National Brand Ambassador for The Botanist Gin, Bruichladdich Whisky & Mount Gay Rum. The Botanist Gin, with its 22 foraged botanicals gathered and grown off the Isle of Islay, has a beautiful concept of encouraging bartenders, ambassadors and foragers all around the world to work together and form community around mirroring the philosophy of using foraged botanicals in these wild gin cocktails using each areas specific local plants.

Rein Buyze

Fire Workshops and Wildcrafting Workshops

Born in the Netherlands and raised predominantly in the UK, Rein studied Physics in Glasgow before embarking on a few years of travel in Europe. During this time, he perceived a great need for a fresh look into education and the real needs of children and society, which led him to discover and complete a degree in Steiner Waldorf education in Plymouth, UK, specialising in the adolescent and outdoor education.
Over and above his work as a teacher Rein’s commitment to social transformation in South Africa and his deep attachment to working creatively with children has seen him combining his talents and boundless energy with his love of the outdoors. Rein has actively participated in over a hundred camps for children in and around the Western Cape, collaborating with experts from many disciplines, including inner developmental work, dramatic arts and bush craft.

“Working in nature brings both simplicity and a deep understanding of the complexity of natural order. The children enjoy activities that are both fun and that promote sustainable living and eco-conscious practices. Creative play and story-telling stimulate the imagination and lead children to discover the power of symbolism and reflect on their own experiences. These skills are required in a wide range of intellectual activities and for problem-solving of all kinds.”

Rein believes that children and adults who participate in these deep engagements are able to accelerate their learning and suspend the noise and clutter of their daily reality to engage in personal growth.

Nature Inspired Embroidery and Weaving Workshops
Andie Reeves has a background in fashion having previously worked as a dressmaker, stylist, sewing teacher and fashion designer. Currently working as a writer/artist/preschool teacher, her art is being exhibited at The Raptor Room and Cavalli Gallery. She is interested in all forms of textile art, especially weaving, embroidery and sewing, and is passionate about teaching others these skills.

Medicinal Plant Workshops
Zanele graduated as a Traditional healer in July 2008 and has practised in different capacities of traditional healing since then.
Working with plants as medicine has inspired her to study further. She has since received her qualification and advanced training in the Dorn Method and Breuss Massage; a German based method that gently aligns the spine, pelvis and other joints.
She has also received training in Cranio-sacral Therapy with the Upledger Foundation founded by Dr John Upledger.  
Currently she is completing a dual degree: Bsc in Manual Osteopathy and Dr of Botanical Medicine degree through the National University of Medical Sciences.
The treatments she offers in her private practice combines plant medicine with manual therapy which have shown great benefits to her clients, assisting them to overcome a variety of discomforts.

Ira Bekker
Eco Printing Workshops
Ira has been a Mosaic artist for 13 years, a mother for 19 years and Fabric Artist for 5 years and Wholeness Practitioner (on her own journey to wholeness) for 12 years, a shamanic practitioner for 2 years and is almost qualified as a Shamanic Family Constellator.
Through her own journey to wholeness she has learnt to hold space and listen deeply, to enter into creative flow, to access information from the spirit world for guidance and healing. She has learnt to be present to nature, to dance her pain, to open her voice and to be comfortable with both darkness and light and all the shadows in between.
She deeply believes that we all have the capacity to come to wholeness a state in which mind, body and soul is balanced and integrated to the point where we can experience a state of wellbeing regardless of our external situation.

Wild Beauty Workshops, Edible Beauty Workshops

Tasmin studied Health and Skincare for three years at the Beauty Therapy Institute in Cape Town after leaving school. She has been studying yoga for the past eight years and completed her advanced teachers training course at the MIA Ashram. Her passion for healthy organic living coupled with her love for pampering and empowering people to feel radiant and beautiful inside and out makes being a natural beauty therapist a dream job come true. She has always felt strongly against the use of chemicals in beauty products and strives to use those with ingredients that are as pure as possible. She wildcrafts her own boutique botanical range of body and face care treatments which she incorporates into her beauty therapy sessions in her private practice and wellness treatments on Mozambique’s Vamisi Island resorts.